Raw Superfood Chocolate made with love

All ingredients are raw, organic or wildcrafted. The base recipe is raw organic cacao paste, cacao butter, and low-glycemic coconut sugar, which are stone ground for 24 hours, then delicious and nutritious sweeteners and flavour enhancers, lucuma, mesquite, and vanilla bean are added.

The cacao is unroasted, and the chocolate-making process is kept “raw” for all the ingredients (below 118°F/48°C). Nutrients remain alive, keeping intact the chocolate’s natural abundance of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.

The result? Healthy decadence: Rich dark chocolate that satisfies the desires of bon vivants and health food enthusiasts alike.

About Chrissy

Cacao tree and fruits (cacao pods)

grow in tropical climates

Cool Mint heart

One of Chrissy's favourites, with sprirulina, chlorella, and peppermint essential oil.

Cacao paste (100% cacao)

Arriba Nacional variety

Aphrodisiac Love Hearts

For your Valentine


"Chrissy's chocolate is so delicious, yet somehow good for you, it doesn't get much better than that." 

Chris Martin, Coldplay

"You know all that stuff you hear about chocolate? That it's fattening and loaded with sugar and basically evil?  Well, that depends. If your chocolate is created with love by the wonderful and talented Chrissy, using all raw and healthy ingredients, then your chocolate is actually good for you. Yes. Good. For. You. Made with stuff to nurture your body and spirit." 

Chris Browning, actor

"Check out my friend's amazingly delicious raw super food chocolate line."

Lauren German, actor
Always against GMOs, our chocolate is 100% GMO free
Front page Munich newspaper, on Chrissy's chocolate delights

Super Berry roses and bee pollen hearts

cacao butter, coconut sugar, maca, cacao paste, bee pollen, lucuma, gojis and mulberries, mesquite, he shou wu.